Our YESOUL app has added NEW link function of Apple Watch

Data synchronization and heart rate monitoring:

Support synchronization of Calories, Distance, Time, and the Apple watch can access the data center; support monitoring heart rate and synchronization during exercise class.

Watch control during class: support watch start, pause, skip, quick reply during exercise class.

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I like the way which is get my world burning up. it keep me up everyday, no matter how hard it is, and how hard i am beat. Just keep the way what it is. --- i've learned from YESOUL teacher. cheeeeeer!

Wesley K. Lim

What can i say, YESOUL seem like "cheap peloton" but not cheapy, i just love the price and their service, the app is not bad. it's good for me.

Madlyn D. Chavez

i do wanna say good work! $500 get over $3000 product.....yeah all my family love it, i do my morning routine with this app & bike. thumbs up.

Thomasina D. Peterson