Ordering Process

1. Discovering YESOUL: Our potential customers begin their journey by exploring our website, where they can find comprehensive details about our wellness products. Our site aims to introduce them to our commitment to quality and innovation.

2. Personalized Consultation: Our business representatives engage with the customers to understand their specific needs. We ask questions to ensure our product recommendations will be personalized and meet their expectations.

3. Product Selection: Based on the customers' responses, our team suggests products that align with their wellness goals. We take into consideration the customers' backgrounds to offer contextually relevant advice.

4. Pricing and Quotations:Once we have a clear understanding of what the customers need, we provide a detailed quote for the suggested products, keeping in mind their budget and customization requests.

5. Sample Dispatch: To ensure the customers are satisfied with the product quality and features, we dispatch samples for their approval. This allows the customers to test our products firsthand.

6. Order Confirmation: Following the sample approval, our customers communicate with us to finalize their orders. This confirms the specifics such as quantities and delivery details.

7. Payment and Production:Upon confirmation of payment, our production process begins. We maintain high-quality standards and keep the customers informed throughout the production process.

8. Shipping and Logistics: After production, we manage the shipping. We also assist with customs clearance to ensure our customers receive their products smoothly.

9. After-Sales Support:After delivery, we stay in touch to confirm successful reception and to provide any necessary support. We also track the sales performance and offer insights to maximize the impact of our products.

10. Reordering Process:We maintain a relationship with our customers for potential future orders, using their initial experience to improve and enhance subsequent transactions. Any feedback is used to continually improve the customer journey.