Shipping Policy

At YESOUL, we are committed to ensuring that our shipping policies are as accommodating and comprehensive as our quality promise. We primarily operate under a Free On Board (FOB) shipping policy, where we handle the transportation of goods to the port of Xiamen, China, managing all the necessary customs clearance procedures to prepare for onward transit. This policy ensures that the products are loaded and secured, and the risk is transferred to the buyer once the goods are on board the vessel, providing clarity and efficiency in the shipping process.

For clients who prefer to have complete control from the point of origin, we also offer Ex Works (EXW) shipping terms. Under EXW, customers are responsible for the entire shipment from our warehouse to its final destination. This option is ideal for buyers who have specific logistic preferences or who wish to consolidate shipments in a manner that best fits their supply chain needs.

We respect our customers' shipping preferences and are dedicated to providing flexible solutions that meet diverse logistical requirements. Whether choosing FOB or EXW, our clients can rely on YESOUL to provide clear communication and robust support throughout the shipping process, ensuring that every order is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.