YESOUL's factory

Our factory combines expert craftsmanship with the latest technology to demonstrate our dedication to professional manufacturing. Our spacious, bright workshops and systematic production lines showcase our commitment to quality. Adhering to strict standards at every stage, we excel in providing top-tier OEM and ODM services, trusted internationally. Our team strives to exceed customer expectations in product development and quality assurance.

200000+ units

200,000 units YESOUL brand exercise bikes are sold per year in China market.

30000+ m²

Advanced production line and experienced supply chain management enable us to keep lowest cost with highest quality.

1350000+ units

Producing capacity of 1,350,000 units per year.

500+ employees

Employees with a 100+ people R&D team professional in product,hardware and software design.

120+ Independent core patents

Various DepartmentsEach

Performs their own duties and responds professionally

Hardware Production Line

Injection Molding Production Line

PCBA Production Line

Assembling Line


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How does YESOUL ensure 100% quality?

We take all effective measures to ensure the best condition of each equipment!

Full inspection in silent room

Every product has to be tested in the "silent room" to ensure that there will be no abnormal noise before delivery.

Screw parts pre-lock full inspection

Each part that need to be fixed with screws, YESOUL uses fully automatic equipment to pre-assemble all the screws during the production process to ensure that the product will not fail to lock the screws.

Full inspection of bikes’ weight

Every product produced by YESOUL must be weighed to prevent placing too many or too few accessories, resulting in an imperfect bike.

MES whole process tracking system

YESOUL uses the MES system to track all materials throughout the process.
MES can record the location of each part from entering the factory to leaving the factory to prevent quality problems.

Electric controller full inspection test

Before being installed on the product, each electronic controller should be tested by professional equipment to ensure that it is under the best condition.

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Overseas Expansion: Based in Asia, To Global

YESOUL has entered more than 20 different countries overseas, and continues to expand overseas markets, and simultaneously establish European live broadcast rooms and North American live broadcast rooms to support content localization.

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